eZee Reservation

eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine

eZee Reservation - Online Hotel Reservation System

An integral part of eZee FrontDesk and also a stand-alone solution, eZee Reservation is easily one of the most powerful hotel booking system currently in the market. It can easily take on the look and feel of your existing website and also run with your existing management suite.

Online Hotel Reservation System is full of innovative and thoughtful features that let hotel owners track all bookings and also the revenue generated through online bookings. As a highly cost-effective booking engine, eZee Reservation is perfect for all properties – whether the one-off hotel in an exotic location, or the chain of properties with a presence everywhere.

With eZee Reservation implemented and integrated into your hotel website, you can get details of visitors and prospective guests, as well as bookings directly into your existing PMS system. If you are using eZee FrontDesk, eZee Reservation cleanly updates your entire system without even so much as a hitch. Its intuitive reporting system gives you up-to-the-minute report of the bookings your property has received through the internet.

Another great feature of eZee Reservation is the integrated Client Management System, which automatically updates itself each time a new booking is made. So you no longer need to manually manage your client relationships; eZee Reservation can do it for you by keeping an updated record or all clients. You can easily tap into these records for sending out regular newsletters and also keeping your customers apprised of happenings with your property.

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