We would like to thank eZee for their highly qualified programming skills and fast response times. They finished our projects ahead of time at a very affordable rate, and design and functionality of the site even exceeded our expectations. Also we thank eZee for still helping us over and beyond after we had finished the project. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for an online designer/developer as they are very fast, accurate and friendly. We will be sending them more work in the future and hope to keep this success relationship for many years to come.


Kalia Christos - Design Master, South Africa

About two & half years back when we were to start operation of a new 48 bed room capacity hotel, we were in look out for a software which would be not only easy in financial terms but also easy to implement and use but without compromise on features. After going through a range of softwares we concluded that eZee would be most suitable for us. Since this was our second venture in this industry we had a fair idea of what should be in a good software - our finalization of this product was made with due discrimination and after consulting experts in this field. We were also particular about after sales support. Furthermore, we avail on line support system and get their attention 24 hrs in case of any need. Now after two years the software is in operation in our hotel, we are confident about this product and positively recommend it for all hotels. Once again we thank the eZee team for a fantastic program and for all the support they have given us during our setting up period. May God bless the staff and directors of eZee and we wish them success in all times to come.


Dhananjay P Raipat - Hotel Green Horizon, India

Working with eZee was such a pleasure! They are very professional, helpful and above all dedicated to the work. They will try everything to make a perfect project and they will not give up until it is perfect. They have this amazing team, not only because their professionalism, but also their kindness and respect. It will never feel you are among strangers, but with true partners. I will surely continue to have eZee as partner in the internet business; I do not need to look anywhere else.

William Kamau

Rogers Sampaio - Web Entrepreneur, Portugal

My experience from working with eZee Front Desk for 5 years has been very satisfying. It presents a variety of exact reports that adapt to the needs of our administration and it also provides a high level of efficiency and security in all of our transactions.


Fremyth Lara - Tropical Gardens, Costa Rica

I am overjoyed all the services/ supports rendered from eZee. The support eZee people provide is very prompt and very appreciable. The eZee FrontDesk software is designed in a very friendly manner (An imaginative and innovative attempt) and is very easy to go through it for a new user, now no more worries for training my staff. At last I take this opportunity to wish all the development initiatives success.

Mike C. Mdoe

G. Mohan Prasad - Hotel Akshaya, India